Life is like a cup of coffee

Life is like a cup of coffee...
It can be bitter. It can be sweet. Often both at once. In your quest for searching the perfect cup of espresso you might travel the hiways and byways, and off the beaten path. And when you find it, it hits you… the search itself is part of the reward. It’s not so much the destination, but the journey that counts!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Decaffeinated Moment

Had a relaxing weekend camping over at Sungai Chiling. The moment which I’ve needed much to refresh myself and to release my tension. I’ve never been sleeping so much in my entire life. For the past 2 weeks, I haven been really sleeping well due to certain personal issue and my work issue.

As soon as I reached home yesterday after the camping trip, as usual knowing that he wouldn’t call, I gave him a call and talk things over. Although he’s still in the same mode as expected, nothing convincing except more time and space, he claimed.

After talking out things, at least from my part…. at least I open up my heart. I feel much relief. Knowing myself was tired, I plan to take a nap before attending a friend’s birthday party at night. Guess what? The nap leads to a long sleep. I slept like a dead woman. No joke! I seriously slept more than 12 hours. I even skipped my dinner. Finally, I got my self a good sleep!

Its father’s day today! Happy father’s day to all dads! I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my all-time hero which is my dad. Love you much and you are the greatest dad ever!

Surprisingly, mom asks BumbleBee to join along the dinner celebration. I paused for a moment and didn’t know what to answer. She also asked him to join dinner next weekend… and this time what should I reply? Should I give the same lame excuse again??

Such a short period of time, a small issue which I consider to be, can’t make a person to behave such a way except the person already changed. I truly understand what bro meant now. I'm seeing it. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He says he needs some space…

This is the first time, he’s saying so… This has also proven our relationship is not strong enough.

The first time he’s being harsh… I couldn’t catch the rhythm of him anymore. He’s not like the usual him anymore. In fact, long time ago. I really do miss the moment how he uses to “manja” me. The person when I first knew, the starting stage.


I’ll just gotta accept the fact that people will change, no matter what he once said, partly maybe because of me. Or maybe he had a goal in mind and felt he needed to give it his all.

Relationships are built on mutual respect. If he wants some space, I would have to say, straight up, give him some space. Putting a negative context to it is only gonna bring the negative to light.

Throughout the years I have heard many stories of couples getting to the point where they "are taking a break" , "need their space" or "need some time to sort things out"..... And never in any of those instances has it ever turned out for the better.

But I am just hoping by giving space, it will work. Nothing else I can do except just to leave it naturally.

Well said today’s astrology… “Today is the day that could make me sees someone special in a different light. This is likely to be a wholly positive experience, as you may not have really appreciated them for the wonderful being they truly are, having already placed them in a certain pigeonhole”.

I put no one to blame but myself to only realize everything when I’m losing it. The ignorance of human beings! Aaargghh… I don’t know why I’m being the “so not” Becks… prollie I’ve fallen for him but it’s too late. I really hope things could work out again between us. I do really miss him.

I’m really tired. I think I need to sit back and relax. Chin up, be strong Becks! There are a lot of tasks out there waiting for you. FOCUS! I promised to bring back the "optimistic Becks".

If you Love something set it free. If it comes back it's yours forever, if it doesn't it was never meant to be.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Double Shot Espresso

Guess there ain’t any positive sign tonight as well… It can be really frustrating for the person who is being ignored because she may not have a clue about what she did wrong and the reasons for being ignored.

Am I really at wrong? I don’t know. What's going on? Do I deserve all this??

Elmo song can’t even help now…

This is so not me…

- Still bitterness, emo Becks speaks -

A thought for the day…

"Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change..."

I’ve come to the extent that I don’t understand anymore nor knowing what’s really going on. I’m confused. It’s been few days since we verbally talked on the phone. I told him I need some time to “cool off”. He said he’ll be back and I thought this will be the chance we can sort things out but there’s not a single ring from him and so not expecting he’ll turn up as well. Now, what’s happening?

Is it true in the statement that guys usually rely more on their left brain?

Why do people ignore sometimes when there’s a problem? I don’t see it as great or wise. Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away! Some of us just pretend as though it never happen but when in reality it does. As saying goes, “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality”.

Why let it dwell inside and not fix the problem when can? It’ll only bring scars and wounds, the pain someone else feels that you can’t see. Holding on or dragging some would call it, will only bring pain to both.

I only think about how to solve the problem. Why can’t he see this? I sometimes wish I can understand the human brain more. Siighhhzzz…

While you enjoying chasing your dream, I suffer silently… thinking it was my entire fault. I wish someone could listen to me now.

There is only one rain cloud in the sky... and it's raining on me. Somehow I'm not surprised. I'm stressed as well, but who would listen... If only I can shout my lungs out now...

How I wish I'm the colourful flowers...

I hate the feeling of guessing…
I feel so uncomfortable now, thinking as though it was all my fault…
I’m lost…
I need direction…
I really need a good sleep.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Needs vs Wants

Identifying her NEEDS and WANTS.....

1. I NEED a backpack because I do not have one currently. I feel troublesome having to borrow my bro’s one wheneva I NEED to use it. I desperately NEED one because lately I’ve been going hiking and I don’t have a proper bag to put my stuffs.

I NEED one because this will be good for one-day travelling too rather than bringing this…....

Unless if only I'm away for more than 3 days or on a business trip, then this will be more suitable. But I can't bring this... roll it on the mud and walk a few KM thru the jungle and cross the river right?

2. I NEED a proper shoe for running as well as trekking…

Running shoe
"Photo taken by SINA KÜHNER "

Trekking shoe

And they both looks so different... Do they have anything 2 in 1? Then that will definitely fulfill my NEED…
I don’t mind if they have 3 in 1, something like this….

Nike Cortez. I spoilt mine during my last trekking at Raub, Pahang. It splits into 2 =( The whole bottom part came off! And yes, did I mentioned that was my favourite pair of shoe? This also teaches me a lesson, to wear a proper shoe in the jungle but I was too blur that morning and just put on any shoe that I saw first! Stupid mua!!
The orange, red and the green one looks HOOOoooTTTTt!!

3. Everything that goes beyond this.....

is a WANT as well!

 Can't blame me because human is naturally greedy =) If not, "opportunity cost" wouldn't exist in the first place. OMG, look what excuses I'm giving myself!

But there are times when WANTS become NEEDS.....


Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Date with BumbleBee

Had a relaxing dinner with BumbleBee @ Smokehouse Bangsar, the British countryside restaurant design oriented restaurant with relaxing cozy ambience. They served authentic English cuisine as well as Thai cusisine which are a big contrast! hahahaha….

Was actually at Bangsar Village shopping mall to shop for mom’s pressie and came across this British-like restaurant when we about to get our car which was parked nearby the restaurant and we thought of giving it a try since its dinner time and both our stomach started groaning already.

I always fancy something with English interior such as English cottage or Victorian style because it makes me feel cozy and relax!

A very homely English filled environment, well furnished and decorated into English atmosphere. The dim light creates a cozy dining feel!

My company for the night

Home cook mushroom soup! I always fancy on mushroom soup, only the good ones and I'm not talking bout those canned mushroom soup! I can tell you this is EXTTTRRREEMELLY good *thumbs up*
 I'm lovin it!

FrappyBecks is enjoyin the mushroom soup to the last drop :-D

The caribbean-style chicken with baked potatoes

Thai-style fried Kuey Teow. Sorry for the blur picture but it tasted so good, claimed by BumbleBee. He ate 2 plates of it! That shows how good it was! hahahaha...

The spices to spice up your life =)

Thai beef salad which tasted so good and spicy too!

The English style interior

Saw our neighbour eating the flamed up dessert and I suppose that’s one of the signature dish there, only to find out from the internet is called Bombe Alaska, a special dessert with cherries, cut fruits and shortcake buried within the meringue and finally pour in with the fired up brandy. Will definitely try that next time!

Switched to the couch at the fireplace after dinner for some wine. Relaxing!  How I wish my everyday’s life is like that =) The stress-free moment!



The English charm!

The vintage deco...

Be sure to visit for a homely English atmosphere at:

The Smokehouse
67, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2288 1510
Business hours:
Weekdays -11am to 12am
Weekends - 11am to 2am
(located next to Madam Kwan's; opposite Bangsar Villlage)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Smart Eating Habits

FrappyBecks went grocery shopping in the evening after work and this is what she gets......

Shop for the day!

Nutrient rich food!! Can't miss the coffee but no worries I'm taking lesser nowdays. Seaweed pack to replace junk food, Quaker oats to replace coffee for brakfast, low fat HL milk to compliment coffee instead of sugar and coffee creamer (latte!), "Special K" cornflakes for healthy brekfast and non-added sugar soyabean for some protein.

YAY to good nutrition and a balanced diet!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coffee New Year 2010

I know I know I’m so backdated… I know I know CNY was almost 2 months ago and now only I’m blogging about it. I know I know I have not been updating my blog since my last update in February and that doesn’t mean that my frappuccino life stops! I know I know it’s April already! I know I know yet I still wanna blog about my CNY!! Hehehehe…

CNY to me is not just turning over a new leaf. It’s not just holidays that I always look forward to. For me, it is all about reunion, gathering and get together…

As I’m growing older, I don’t feel so much of CNY… maybe because I’m no longer a kid and I don’t feel CNY like I used to in few years back but I do treasure the special occasion because this is the time I get to gather with my family, relatives and friends. I’m sure those Chinese in overseas do miss their family gathering when they are far away from the closed ones because I experienced it once and I do really miss the moments that time.

Welcome to the year of Tiger!! Roaaarrrrzzzz…. **I can roar really loud too cos I’m a Tiger in real life :)**

Reunion dinner, the most important family occasions of the year whereby family members gather together from all over the place and from their busy working schedule for a mega feast to welcome the new year!

Getting ready for night prayers on CNY eve. I know most of you must been wondering, do I really celebrate CNY due to my surname "Yeastman" and me being an Eurasian. Ohh, yes I do! I'm sure friends who really know me, they know I do celebrate CNY :)

Flowers, part of CNY decoration! Beautiful Chrysanthemum!

Mom's favourite pussy willow! Will never miss that!!

They were properly dressed as well :)

CNY hampers, hampers and more HAMPERS!!!

CNY deco! The tiny red laterns deco get me into CNY mood! Love it!!

He never fails to smile no matter what :D

Mandarin oranges

Ang pows!! Huar arr~~


Brother Bear & Frappy Becks on 1st day of CNY! Go reds!!

Cookies me baked!
Family gathering on 1st day of CNY. Jamie couzie, mama bear and I :) Haven't seen Jamie in a while. Glad to see her that day. And guess what? It was her b-day too that day! Happy Birthday couzie!!

This year CNY falls on Feb 14th which is the same day as the Valentine's day. Prretie flowers from BumbleBee :)

Lo Sang, more Lo Sang and gathering!

The very 1st Lo Sang with Lethianz @ V-Garden...

Everyone was too hungry that time :-p

2nd Lo Sang with the Staj-ian friends @ Sungai Yu restaurant

Hahhaha... Messy Lo Sang! Huat ar~~

Miss them! Ppl that I don't see often but we do catch up from time to time when there's chance :-) Great friends!

Gals I used to hang out with... Luv em'!

3rd Lo Sang with Monashian @ Spring Valley, Midvalley...

I knoe I've been posting the same pictures of us doing Lo Sang but it's with different lovely ppl :-) hehehe...

Porky porky

Butter prawn

Ed's fav dish :-S hahaha...

My company for the night

Dessert @ G6, Garden's rooftop

My pretty fren and I. For no reason, I jus luv this pic! Toilet shot is always best :-D ahahahaha...

That sum up my whole CNY! Told ya CNY is all about food, angpows and gathering =D